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BioSure Ozone

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Ozonated water generators from BioSure are highly recommended by international healthcare experts and world-renown dentists. Electrolytic ozone generators can instantly produce a high concentration of dissolved ozonated water and with no ozone leakage. This ensures operator safety while using the ozone water to sanitize equipment, flush dental water lines, and provide ozone therapies for dental patients.

Medical Equipment

Waterlines Biofilm

Hand Sanitation

Risk Reduction


Surfaces Sanitation

Handpiece Water performance


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OSB - Ozone Sprayer Bottle

WDS - Water Disinfection System

SSS - Shield Space Sanitiser

DWDS - Dental Water Disinfection System

CDU - Central Disinfection Unit

Infection Control

Airborne Virus Control_


Airborne diseases are bacteria or viruses that are most commonly transmitted through small respiratory droplets, with reception areas and surgery rooms most exposed.

Often HEPM and high performance air purifier can enhance air quality. BioSure SHIELD system continuously release ozone mist vaper aimed to block these active viruses.

With built in "Deep Cycle" feature, boosting concentration to allow residual landing on surfaces, walls, work equipment. Reaching disinfection level of up to 99.99%. Reducing third party call outs, avoid chemical residual or use of toxic gas. 

Airbourn Virus Control

Dental Chair Biofilm_

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Biofilm occurs in dental unit waterlines because of long, small-diameter tuning and low flow rates. 

Connecting BioSure IDU (Inline Disinfection Unit), a fully automated unit design to prevent foreign microbe, remove and remain line hygiene. With flexible pre-set program for greater concentration and flow adjustment. Making daily line purge, safe water supply at surgery and clean line allowing efficiency of suction motor and handpiece performance. LCD display enhance user experience, share operation in real time. Greatly reduce chair down time for costly line replacement, while patient and staff enough the benefit of ozone care. 


Dental Chair Biofilm

Health Conscious...


Traditionally, Alochol-based hand sanitiser and chlorine solution like hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide for surface disinfectants been widely recognised to achieve great protection and control of hygiene safety.

With innovation of technology, alternative like the BioSure WDS On-demand Ozone unit. Highly effective as many current practices but introduce many benefit worth considering Reduce contact time, prevent dry skin, respiratory complication, extensive us of PPE, remove CFU drainage build up to name a few.


Health Conscious

Equipment Care_

To achieve adequate hygiene for clinical environment, electronic device, leather upholstery, cabinetry surface expose to constant sanitation treatment. To prevent unnecessary ageing or build up of residual from cleaning agent. BioSure Sprayer activate tap water and convert to disinfectant solution which will revert back to water.


Equipment Care

Personal Oral Care...


In recent years, many compact and portable device have provide oral care to millions in the comfort of their home or travel. 

BioSure Tumbler designed to compliment and increase your return of investment. By introducing ozonated solution month wash as part of daily routine, Ideal working in conjunction with Water Pick, flossing and post brushing rinse. Effective in promoting gum health , reduce bad breath, reduce month dryness and inflmatry from infection.


Personal Oral Hygienel
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